Sunday, September 04, 2005

Mulch Galore

One good thing about me is I jump into stuff, always eager to start the next project. The bad thing is that once I jump in, I am genetically prepossessed to finish the job. Which is why I am now aching and sore and only halfway done with the eighteen yards of mulch I got delivered on Friday. I thought, "Oh great, this is a three day weekend. I'll be able to plant those daylilies this weekend!" Well, now I am in the midst of it, chugging down Advil like they were Smarties, and washing it down with beer in an attempt to create a "back relaxing cocktail." Luckily, I have a frau who is more than happy to jump in and help, and she shouldered as much of the work as I did.

But the yard is looking nice, and it does mean less hill to mow in the future. As a matter of fact, sore as I am, I can't wait to break out the mower and give the new pattern a try!

God help me.

This is what 9 yards looks like. Of course, we started out with a pile twice as big.

This is the end of the new bed on the hill, with the daylilies in it. The picture doesn't let you see how REALLY big it is.

This is the Heirloom Heaven rebloomer. A nice red daylily.

More beds around trees, sandboxes, etc. Looks really nice right now.

The black-eyed susans, before the fade away for the autumn.

Lastly, the purple coneflower, in its glory just before the fade. The finches will love the seeds in a few months when snow has fallen and nothing else is available to eat. (Do you see that Japanese Beetle hiding in there?)

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