Monday, October 20, 2008

Christmas 1974

Here's the last of the small, intimate family Christmas videos. Tomorrow, I will post some wonderful videos of Christmas in Ponca City. (Stay tuned for those!)

The highlight of this video is seeing a very cheeky Dad lounging under the Christmas tree. Seriously, Dad, how short was that robe?! Your sideburns were longer than that robe! (See 2:27 in the video.) I hope the rest of you can resist the beefcake in this video! I'm sure to start getting a lot of hits from "less reputable" sites now.

At this point, Mom has now shortened her hair, and is ready for the hairdo that would carry her through the 80's.


Dad said...

We always laughed so hard at Mike's efforts to mount his horse. It was just as funny 34 years later.

Mom said...

The shorter hair reflects my becoming an OR nurse. Since I had to wear that hat at work that covered my hair, I always had hat hair. It was easier to manage!

I could hardly wait for Mike to try to mount his stick horse. It's still so funny. You trying to walk in Cowboy boots was funny too. I think Grandpa & Grandma Guier bought those along with the guns. I think those may have been the only toy guns you all ever had.

You probably need to put a "banner" across Dad's ass! I can't believe he had those sideburns in the Army. I think after the 70's the Army instituted a stricter haircut policy!

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