Monday, July 30, 2007

Last of the Camp Snyder Photos

Our enormous dining hall!

Every morning, this wonderful truck brought the elixir of life!

Fun at the pool.

Fun at the Big Dig.

Eddie and Luke's BB targets.


gaz said...

looks like you guys had a really cool time. i'm concerned that someone has put washing liquid in your coffee though!

Scott said...

yeah, you should have seen it before I put my finger in to knock out some of the bubbles. I think that the Boy Scouts don't do such a good job of rinsing the coffee urn after they wash it.

Ah well, what's a little soap, anyway? When you really gotta have a cup of joe, it just doesn't matter.

Mom said...

That dining hall looks awesome! I think Gaz is right, since when does coffee have a "head" on it?

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