Friday, April 20, 2007

Night Shots

My new camera does a nice job on these night shots.

The first photo is a 30 second shutter taken last night after the boys went to bed, about eight thirty P.M. You can see the green and blue night lights on in their rooms. I think the effect looks cool. The only light source is from the sodium vapor streetlight behind my camera and the glow of town on the right hand side of the photo.

The second photo is one taken early this morning, about five o'clock. It captures Jupiter and the constellation Scorpio Scorpius quite nicely. I was using a tripod and a 60 second shutter, so the streaking from the stars is actually from the motion of the earth!

Annotated image:


Barry said...

That does look like dramatically less noise than your other camera. Can you do a side by side tonight? I'd really be curious on the extent of the differences between one point and shoot and another. I looked at the specs on the Lumix and it looks like the CCD size is the same as your Pentex (which is the same as my HP), so I wonder what else in the design effects the noise level.
In my HP's guide, it actually tells you to keep the camera out of the sun, because as it heats up the noise level increases. But, its still pretty noisy when cold.

Sandi said...

If you "guys" would learn something about color coordination & esthetics, you too could have picked out this camera first! It's nice to look "put together" & sometimes you luck out & get a great camera!!!!!

Scott said...

Give it up, Mom. We're hopeless. We always measure a camera by it's CCD parameters. Color is just a nice addition.

Jeff said...


Your Scorpius and Jupiter picture is great. If you want to avoid the star streaking, you'll need to keep your shutter time down to about 30 seconds...after that the Earth's motion shows up at 50mm lens aperture.


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