Wednesday, April 08, 2009

We Have Rock Star!

Luke has been saving his money, so much in fact that the had enough to buy Rock Band and a way cool Wii guitar. All day today, he's been jammin' out. I tried my luck on Hungry Like the Wolf, and though I didn't do very well, it was great fun. I can see that this game will be very addictive! If we pick up a few more instruments, it may actually count towards fun family time entertainment! I can't wait to see Nana on bass guitar, and Grandpa on drums!

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Merrick said...

we haven't gotten rock band yet, but I love guitar hero, so I can only imagine that rock band is 10x as much fun!!!

Bonnie said...

We haven't gotten into Guitar Hero yet, but we do enjoy Wii Sports as a family. I think it would be a ton of fun. Congrats to Luke for saving all that dough!

Mom said...

Maybe you all can cultivate "The Harris Brother's Band".

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