Friday, October 12, 2007

Soccer 2007

I haven't had much time this year to post photos of Luke playing soccer. (Because I'm actually the coach.)

It's a shame that I can't take the photos, because Luke's team--the Rockets--are doing really well. I don't mean their win-loss record, which is a respectable 2-1-1. I mean, these boys are playing REAL SOCCER. They have learned how to control the ball, and they're playing with self confidence and skill. It's a pleasure to watch them play, and even greater fun to coach them.

So, here is the only photo I have so far recording the Fall 2007 season. Our team photo.

I present to you... the Rockets!


Mom said...

I'm not trying to be cute, but is that a boy or girl standing between Luke & Andrew?

Adolfo said...

LOL! Sandi!! I like the boy's do'

Adolfo said...

btw, that is a good picture Scott

Scott said...

They are all boys. That particular boy is Bijan, and he is an amazingly talented soccer player.

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