Monday, April 23, 2007

Photos from 2004

I was digging through some old photo archives, looking for a particular photo, and came across some real gems. These are all from June, 2004.

At left, a photo which perfectly captures Luke's contempt with me for not letting him use my camera.

At right, perhaps the only photo you will ever see where Eddie is smiling in a sports photo!

These boys were so little once! Where does the time go?

Frank, to the right. What a tongue on this dog! He's like a canine Gene Simmons!

And finally, one of Becky. She's just as pretty today as she was three years ago! This is a very nice photo.


Adolfo said...

Good pics Scott! Becky has always been a beautiful woman from inside and outside. Frank steals attention, he is just adorable! The boys seem bigger, but they are not changing much. This pics are from 3 years ago, what about the photoshoped one (on your last post)- is that recent? The boys look the same! same haircut! Dejavu? Impressive job with your photoshop! well done.
Hugs to all!

Scott said...

Actually, Adolfo, the photoshop photo is also from June 2004. Compare this older photo with ones from Mt. Vernon, and you'll see quite a difference!

Adolfo said...

ok I see now. Eddie and Alexander look different now-- a big difference. The ones who look EXACTLY the same are Becky, Lisa, Jim and you then.

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