Monday, April 30, 2007

Early Morning in the Garden

I was rushing out the door this morning, when I had to stop and capture a few of my flowers in photos. The light was perfect, and in a few more days they'll be gone. Below we have a nice variegated geranium, leopard's bane, dogwood and my favorite, most delicate tulips (with marigolds in the background).


Mom said...

Your yard looks lovely as always. I really miss the dogwoods in Spring - that's how you know the crappie are running!

Adolfo said...

You guys do a good with your gardens. It looks very pretty, as always- I must agree with Sandy. I love the white flowered-tree. The picture of the yellow flower looks so real in big. Very cool quality!

sharon said...

Nice camera. I wish we could see more shots and details about the new camera.

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