Thursday, January 11, 2007

Welcome Home!

It's good to be home!! Frank greeted me with a facewashing, and Luke and Eddie greeted me with their own personal performance on Eddie's new electric keyboard.

Not to be left out, Becky also greeted me with a beautiful pair of hand knitted socks that she made! (Socks are not easy to make, you know!) Toasty!


Sandi said...

Tell Becky that if she is into making socks, I have some yardn that I bought to make a pair last year. She did a beautifulk job on your socks!!! I'm still into scarves!

JamesF said...

Are those socks going to be worn with the kilt anytime soon?

Scott said...

Well, they're not proper kilt hose, but I would probably wear them with the kilt. yes.

I'm trying to get her to make them longer so I can use them with the kilt, but these alone took her about 6 weeks to make.

jim alvis said...


Um... A couple of comments on latest ravings:
1. I pray to Allah, Buddah, whoever that Becky does not knit you any undergarmets - I would not like to see such as picture... The hairy legs & socks were quite enough.

2. Why is there a picture of a hotel bathroom on your website?

3. Love the picture of the car!! That's awesome! Was someone living in it? Was it abandoned, or just the vehicle of a burnout, hippie, or some mentally ill person?

4. Look how cute Frank was!

5. Oh... MyGod. Those have GOT to be the two most original pine derby cars ever! The dogs are awesome.
But... I just hope that Luke's car didn't cruise by any book depositories or grassy knolls with JFK.

Jim Alvis

Scott said...

Glad you liked the ravings...

1. She's currently working on a speedo!
2. I put *everything* on my blog. Beware!
3. We couldn't figure out what was up with that car, but it was creepy weird. I think somebody was living in it, except that it was in a secured government parking lot!! Go figure!
4. Yeah, it's a good picture of Frank when his tongue still fit in his head.
5. I like the derby cars too... Luke wanted a stealth car, and didn't seem to mind that a president waving out of a sunroof would ruin the radar profile of the car. :-)


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