Thursday, December 28, 2006

To Monticello and back

We're back home now... Monticello was nice and very interesting, but I think we need to return in April when the gardens are in bloom. We were able to walk the grounds and tour the first floor of the house, but at least half of the trip would be seeing the gardens, which are all dormant this time of year. So we shall return in April!

We also toured the Rotunda and quadrangle of the University of Virginia. It was a beautiful day, with lots of fresh, clean air for the boys to enjoy.


JamesF said...

This is one of my favorite UVA photos. That was taken years and years ago.

It's obviously the same building you guys are in front of, but I don't see the statue in your shot, have they changed the layout of the grounds? Or was the statue over to the right when you took your shot?

Scott said...

We were in the back; you were in the front.

Barry said...

Karen and I went in the spring a few years back (before kids) and the gardens were amazing.

Sandi said...

If you would like to buy an EXACT replica of Montecello, there is a house for sale inGreg & Margaret's neighborhood in Memphis that was built to be exactly like it. They are having a hard time "moving it" on the market since there are small choppy rooms & I think Greg said, no closets!

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