Tuesday, September 26, 2006

It Came!!!! The Kilt is HERE!!!!


Aye, I'm a wee bit excited. My hand-tailored Ancient Campbell (Campbell of Argyll, specifically) tartan kilt has arrived! I've been waiting for so long to get it, so I was absolutely dumbstruck (well, not really dumbstruck, but giddy perhaps) when I walked through the door and saw this:

I jumped right into opening the parcel, and me wee little laddie, Luke, couldn't keep his hands off me sgean dhu. (The wee knife I keep in my sock.)

Here's all that was in my parcel:

The belt (not shown), rabbit fur sporran, and strap.

The sgean dhu.

And, of course, the Ancient Campbell of Argyll tartan kilt, sized Scott Harris.

Luke, of course, was unable to resist the sgean dhu.

Here I am modeling the kilt, though I will note that I was too excited to pull out the proper socks, flashes, shirt and tie. Purists will please forgive me. It was only a quick fitting.

And here is my reaction to the first time someone laughed at me in my new kilt. Call my knees knocky?! Aye! You'll want a piece of me sgean dhu!

I can't wait to head down to the Exxon station in this baby!


Anonymous said...

It looks cute!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Looks really Cute! I never knew you to be a cross dresser. the only difference between a Kilt and a skirt is the country of origin.


Chuck said...

Looking good! However, to be thoroughly convincing you should let all hair go out of control for about eight years, and gain about 50 kg. Then go stand in mud.

Scott said...

Mike: With comments like that, you'll be getting a piece of my sgean dhu too!

Chuck: You're comments are much more productive. Thank you. I will get started on that.

Anonymous said...

A skirt with a purse to match! I love it! ;)

Anonymous said...

hee hee - very sexy


UB said...

Scott your kilt looks fine but I wouldn't wear that to Texas! You
probably fit in fine on the East or West Coast but I don't think it would work down here. If it came with boots and a hat and you were a woman it would probably work in TEXAS!

Don't bend over in that new kilt!!! Hope it is long enough, that is the kilt!!

warren said...

Cute! ...Is it proper to say that?

Scott said...

Absolutely not! Scotsman are not cute! They are fierce, unwashed, manly, rough-around-the-edges, and totally uncouth. Handsome, aye! Even a wee bit dangerous! But not cute!

Sandi said...

I LOVE your new outfit, as Deachi said, "a skirt with a matching purse"! I can hardly wait to see it all together. Now where do you plan to wear this beside the Exxon station. I'm not sure how it would be received at Oktoberfest! I hope you remember your other episode of cross-dressing as "Junior Mess" & remember that when wearing a skirt, one keeps their legs together when sitting & doesn't cross their legs manly style while putting on one's shoes!!!Several of those "little Magnolia Blossoms" in MS got a case of the vapors after a glimpse of your manly wares bursting out of your bikini underwear with the red lighting bolt.

Scott said...

Oy, vey, Mom! Too much information!!!! You’re murdering me!

Anonymous said...

oh well, I am honest about my appreciation. I think it is cute. I think it looks ADORABLE! :-)

Adorable, cute, nice, loving, sweet, positive,caring etc., are part of my life, sooo I will always going to say it whenever I feel like it. I have no problems.
My love to all.

Scott said...

Thanks, Adolfo. You are very kind.

For all you nay-sayers out there... I'll just have you know I have received countless messages from the young lassies and ladies telling me compliments on my sexy knees! :-)

Just Trouble said...


Were these young lassies and ladies real or imaginary??

I dare you to wear this to work cutie pie. hehehehe

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