Monday, May 08, 2006

A Visit from Jasmine

Jasmine, my mother's dog, came to visit with Frank. They were not too sure of each other at first, but they have now bonded and seem to be good friends. Jasmine likes to bite on Frank's hind quarters, tail or (ahem) other parts, to try to entice him to fight and play. But when he's finally had enough, he jumps up on a bed, and she can't get to him.

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Barry said...

Its nice that Frank gets along with other dogs. Our dog, Tipper, now thinks she's human and does not get along with other dogs. Our neighbor just got a golden retriever puppy who is very cute and playful. All she wants to is play with Tipper. Tipper will placate her for about 30 seconds, when she then tries to bite the puppy's head off.

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